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The aim of this project is to carry out research in healthcare by developing Health Level 7-based software framework in order to provide health services for diverse communities of the world. The envisaged development of HL7 middleware software will be focused on healthcare information systems already in use. The objective is to facilitate e-health services interoperable among various domains in the field such as laboratory, patient administration, pharmacy, billing and accounting etc.

This project is based on HL7 version 3.0 standards because of its distinct benefits over previous versions. HL7 Version 3 is consistent with futuristic specification inherent in UML (Unified Modeling Language) models and object-oriented concepts. It offers an opportunity to provide an open source, vendor-neutral framework comprising generic components, integration mechanisms, together with a process for staged customization to meet not international standards but also the requirements of healthcare delivery organizations.

Because of the diversity and complexity of the requirement, the project will be conducted in several phases. Initially, our plan is to design and implement HL7 Version 3 basic domains such as laboratory, patient administration. In the second phase, we plan to integrate SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to HL7. During the last phase of the project, we would evolve and propose an ontology-based HL7 system; a true semantics. The ultimate goal is to define the HL7 Web service as Semantic web services. After its post-development testing in the end-user environment, we will make the software publicly available under an open-source license. In view of its cutting-edge nature, this software solution has the potential of establishing our national repute in the highly profitable and potent healthcare industry.

Principal Investigator
Funding Agency
HL7 Organization
10th International HL7 Interoperability Conference 2009
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)