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Cloud Based EMR, is open source software that will provide EMR (Electronic Medical Record) facility for different hospitals by showing its presence on cloud. It is a research based project which is started with a vision of providing EMR facilities to different hospitals with HL7 complaint modules. Due to its presence on cloud it will be convenient to manage and economical for small and large Hospitals.

Different Hospitals in Pakistan are facing problem in communicating with Hospitals in Europe and in America due to fact that their data is not interoperable with them and on the other hand they are also not aware of EMR, so by making this project we are aimed to provide good facility to these hospitals. The Second major theme of making this software is to enable local hospital to take patients from other countries and treat them over here if hospitals have EMR based system which is HL7 complaint they will be able to do so in this way this software will serve international community very largely, as the treatment in America and in Europe is Quite Expensive as compared to south Asian countries. The Major Features of Cloud Based EMR are as Follows:

  • It will be “Inpatient EHR 2011 criteria set by CCHIT” Compliant EMR

  • It will be having Following main Modules

    • Patient Demographics And Administrative Information

    • Provider Information

    • Patient List Management

    • Problem List Management

    • Allergy Information

    • Medication List Management

    • Result Access and View

    • Ordering and Requirement

    • Immunization

    • Medical Reconciliation

    • Medication Administration

    • Clinical Task Management

    • Health Record Management

    • Medication and e-prescription

    • Access Control

  • Will be HL7 compliant

  • Available on Web that’s why high Accessibility, low maintainability, low administration and good response for Hospitals

  • It is Open Software which is very good for adaptability by local Hospitals

  • Enable Almost every hospital in the world to a adopt it, that’s why bring uniformity in the data for large number of hospitals and will enable hospitals to reach at good standards.

  • Helps hospitals to communicate with other hospitals very easily without changing anything in their system

Principal Investigator
Funding Agency
HL7 Organization
10th International HL7 Interoperability Conference 2009
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)