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HLH Team Member Participation in HL7 plenary meeting for signing agreement of HL7 Pakistan with HL7 International at Cambridge, US

It was dream yesterday but reality today that Pakistan is given 37th affiliate status by HL7 International. The affiliation is approved after several stages to pass like application submission, interviews of five stake holders (associated with academia, healthcare providers, vendors and government agencies) and finally the approval after recommendation of Due Diligence Committee and chairs of international affiliates. HLH team remained active during the course of application process and timely fulfilled the requirements and achieves this objective. HL7 Pakistan was formally invited to participate in 24th Plenary and Working Group Meeting of HL7 being held at Cambridge MA, USA on 3-8th October 2010. I (Mr. Muhammad Afzal, Team Lead HLH) participated this meeting as a representative of Pakistan. This short report highlights the activities of meeting and lesson learned. HL7 Plenary meeting is organized once a year while Working Group Meetings (WGM) is conducted on quarterly basis. One of these WGMs is organized together with plenary meeting every year. The Cambridge meeting was consists of both Plenary and WGM at one place. This is always an opportunity to meet face-to-face with HL7 experts came together from different countries of the world.

In international affiliate council meeting where Pakistan was formally announced as new affiliate member of HL7. Catherine Chronaki (Affiliate Liaison) in her speech welcomed Pakistan and invite chair (provisional) to seat in the inner circle of table where “HL7 Pakistan” tag was placed. Meeting participants clipped to welcome the representative of Pakistan. Micheal Van (Affiliate Director) appreciated the efforts and contribution made by Pakistan and once again requests the participants to clip for HL7 Pakistan. Overall this was highly important and result oriented meeting to attend. We learned a lot from those who have already this experience. At return we are at the position to develop structure for HL7 Pakistan and the associated sustaining strategy to remain an active affiliate member in the world.

HLH Team Participation in 11th IHIC 2010 and HL7 WGM, 14-20 May, 2010, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

HL7 IHIC (International HL7 Interoperability Conference) is an international conference conducted annually to share experiences in development and implementation of HL7 standard throughout the world. In the last two years, IHIC is conducted adjacently to quarterly based HL7 WGM (Working Group Meeting). HL7 WGM is organized on quarterly basis where one meeting is organized outside USA in any of the HL7 affiliate country. Recently the said conference and WGM was held and organized by HL7 Brazil and HL7 International US at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The report highlights the main events of the conference and meeting and also points to the contributions and achievements made by SEECS HLH team from Pakistan side.

Health Life Horizon (HLH) team from NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST SEECS) presented three papers in IHIC 2010. Maqbool Hussain team lead HLH Project participated in IHIC and represented Pakistan in HL7 WGM. Three papers based on HL7 RIM model to relational database mapping and database to schema mapping was presented in IHIC 2010.

HL7 WGM started on May 16, 2010 and formally ended on May 20, 2010. During this meeting HLH team lead presented the progress of Pakistan in research and development of HL7 standard during HL7 Affiliate Council Meeting. Based on the progress, HL7 Affiliate chairs decided for further processing step of interviewing petitioners from Pakistan side. In this connection, Diego Kaminker (chair HL7 Argentina) interviewed petitioners including Dr. Hafiz Farooq (PD HLH Project, NUST SEECS), Dr. Mushtaq Hussain Bhatti (CEO ICT R & D Fund), Dr. Faisal Sultan (CEO Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital), Dr. Asif Zafar (Holy Family Hospital) and Mr. Mehmood Hussain (Comcept Pvt. Ltd). HLH team lead also participated and presented in various work group meetings. HLH work presented at RIMBAA group was appreciated by HL7 RIMBAA community. Approach applied by HLH team was unique in nature that covers diagonal transformation in RIMBAA architecture. This information can be found on RIMBAA wiki, at . Moreover, team lead also attended tutorial on EHR (Electronic Health Record) and CDA (Clinical Document Architecture).

HL7 Pakistan Affiliate Status

After completion of petitioners’ interview, the application of Pakistan will be placed to HL7 Affiliate Diligence Committee in coming meeting. It is expected by next HL7 WGM in October 2010, Pakistan will be formally HL7 Affiliate.

Research Status and RIMBAA group Interest

The research presented at IHIC and RIMBAA meeting was unique in approach using RIMBAA architecture. As a result co-chair of RIMBAA, Rene Spronke suggested creating RIMBAA Pakistan after HL7 affiliation and one of the coming RIMBAA meetings will be organized in Pakistan.

SEECS HLH Team Lead visited Phoenix USA attending January HL7 Work Group Meeting 2010

January 2010 Working Group Meeting is held at Point Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix Arizona, USA. This Working Group Meeting offered numerous educational opportunities. Sessions covered a full range of HL7-specific topics such as Version 2.x Implementation, Version 3, and the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), among others. Educational sessions also branched out to cover general interest industry topics such as the Electronic Health Record, XML and Vocabulary Terminology.

We also attended five days HL7 Working Group meeting. The said meeting was enriched with several important tutorials and committee meetings. The most important among these is “Affiliate Council Meeting”, in which HL7 Inc. has given green signal for Pakistan to become an affiliate of HL7.

It is awe-inspiring to share the success of HL7 Pakistan correct submission of application of getting affiliate status. There are thirty three countries already affiliated. We are the next in this run. Fortunately, one member from Pakistan (Mr. Muhammad Afzal, Team Lead HLH Project, SEECS NUST) participated in this meeting and submitted this application by hand to the HL7 authority. This participation was extremely important from several perspectives. One important aspect is that he answered to queries face-to-face to the directors responsible for taking care of application. During the visit, he has several formal and informal meetings with authorized members of HL7 to depend Pakistan getting Affiliate status. He presented Pakistan’s progress in HL7 domain by highlighting more the HLH project in “International Affiliate Council Meeting”. During this visit, it is learned that “How to sustain affiliate status once Pakistan becomes affiliated”.

The submitted application has passed successfully the first stage that is technical evaluation stage. It is under evaluation of due diligence committee for further perusal and approval. Apart from affiliation, he attended several technical meetings, tutorials and presentations. The most important of them are as follows;
· Tutorial on “HL7 Version 3 Implementation Mechanics”
· Tutorial on “RIM Certification Exam Review”
· Tutorial on “SAEAF”
· Workshop on “Research Innovations”
· International Affiliate Council Meeting
· International Council Meeting
· E-Learning Session
· Electronic Health Record Session

SEECS HLH members visited Japan attending 10th HL7 IHIC Conference and 22nd HL7 Work Group Meeting

We feel delight to share that our Japan visit was a great experience from various aspects. Briefly sharing the visit details, we have participated in 10th International HL7 IHIC Conference and presented five research papers contributed by SEECS HLH Team Members. Chair of session announced a special clipping for such prestigious contribution from Pakistan.

We also attended five days HL7 Working Group meeting. The said meeting was enriched with several important tutorials and committee meetings. The most important among these is “Affiliate Council Meeting”, in which HL7 Inc. has given green signal for Pakistan to become an affiliate of HL7.

We think this is one of the great achievements of this visit. According to Chairman of HL7; Pakistan is flushing this time the conference and the meeting. Overall, it was a nice gathering of HL7 community and Pakistan has created its space in the international forum in a nice way.

10th International HL7 Interoperability Conference 2009

May 8-9,2009 Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan

International Conference on Medical Education (ICME-2009)

25-27Jan, 2009, Islamabad Pakistan
Theme of the conference "Trends in Medical Education". Last date of abstract submission is December 1, 2008.

6th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations ITNG 2009

April 27-29, 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
The International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations (ITNG) is an annual event focusing on state of the art technologies pertaining to digital information and communications. The applications of advanced information technology to such domains as astronomy, biology, education, geosciences, security and health care are among topics of relevance to ITNG. Visionary ideas, theoretical and experimental results, as well as prototypes, designs, and tools that help the information readily flow to the user are of special interest. High Performance Computing, Computing Architectures, and Innovative Methods of Computing are examples of the related topics. The conference features keynote speakers, the best student award, poster award, service award and a technical open panel, and workshops/exhibits from industry, government and academia.

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10th International HL7 Interoperability Conference 2009
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